British Tombs


They are situated on north eastern side of Ottapidaram. They are is pororriboke land of 0.85 hectare area. We have to reach this place of Panchalankurichi. It is 50 Km away from Tirunelveli, and 125 K.m. away from Madurai. Maniachi is the nearby railway station.

In 1799 a powerful contingent under the colonel banerman the British Companies waged a war against Veerapandiya Kattabomman. A number of British soldiers lost their lives in the battle of Panchalankurichi. A place in Ottapidaram in Kovilpatti Taluk, Tuticorin District, containing a number of tombs of .those who fell in the battle, bears witness to the battle. During the war the deceased lieutenants namely Douglas, Blake, Dormieuk, Colling, Gunnerflnny were burried here