Dutch Tombs


The Dutch cemetry can be reacted by going from the old Bus stand of Nagapatnam through the Thonithurai road. It is about 300 meters from the road near the sea

These cemetries arm in the wall of salt pan at present. The inscriptions are in. .Dutch language. This is the oldest cemetry in Tanjore District. This was erectedfor melis clasen in A.D. 1661. Another epigraph of A.D. 1673 was for Isaac van )o m. Another inscription of 1680 A.D. was for Elisabel Mynta. This also is in Dutch language. This informs that this is the cemetry of the daughter of Vanden herquart There are several cemetrics in Tanjore District. But as these are the oldest, has acquired a historical importance and is protected as an ancient monumet