Kabilar Rock - Pennaru


Kabilar Kundru is situated in Tirukkoilur taluk in Villupuram district. The place is resemble as a small Island like hill to the center of Pennai river. Tirukkoilur is ruled by the king belong to Malayaman caste during sangam age . The mother of Chola King Rajaraja I belong to this caste.

A great Philanthrophist pari was a good friend of kabilar a great Poet of Sangam literature. The king Pari handed over his daughter Angavai, Sangavai to Kabilar after he depict in the war and he died. Kabilar went to various place and requested various persons to married them . Nobody to willing to married them.

Lastly he thought them to Thirukoilur which was ruled by Malayamman Thirumudikari. He handed over the two daughters to him and died. The reason in inscription on 10th century A.D. in Rajaraja I.

The inscription of records the incident that Kabilar came here and handed over two daughter of Pari to Malayamman and also about that Kabilar created a fire on the rock and sacrifice his life. The inscription is as follows,

  • Deivakkavithai Chensor Kabilan murivanthadakkai
  • Parithan Adaikala pennai malayarkuthavi
  • Pennai Alaipulal azhuva thannthakrisham sela
  • Minal pugam visumbin Veeduperuennai
  • Kanal pugam Kabila Kallathu

There is a temple on the small rock in the middle at Pennai river near Thirukoilur. There is a provision for circumbulate the temple. The people of the place called the rock as Kabilar Kal. Since Kabilar sacrifice his life on this particular rock the name assained Kabilar kal.