Sadayar Koil - Tiruchinampoondi - Temple


This temple was constructed in the early chola architectural style during 9-10century ACE. Originally this temple of Siva should have been built of brick with a mandapa, in front supported by stone pillars .The existence of this temple in pallava period is attested by the presence of inscriptions of Nandivarman II and Vijaya Napatunga Vikramavarman.

All these Pallavas inscriptions are found in the pillars in front of the temple. One of them refers to a gift by Adigal Kandan Marampavai, queen of Nandi Pottaraiyar (Nandivarman Pallava III). There are large numbers of inscriptions of parantaka-I on the temple, ranging from his 14th year to his 37th year AD.

Inscription of Vikrama chola found on the wall of the Siva temple at Koviladi refers to the temple of Tiruchadi Mudi Udaiya Mahadevar a northern hamlet of (pidagi) the tirupper.