Vazhipokkar Mandapam, Thangi


Enroute to Walajapettai from Kanchipuram, Thangi is located at a distance of 70 Kms. from Chennai. On the side of the road, there is a mandapam called ‘Vazhipokkar Mandapam’ which belongs to 18th Century A.D. There are two parts in the mandapa. On the back wall of the mandapa there is an image of Hanuman and the Goddess Gajalakshmi, on the top closes to the roof.

Inside the Mandapam on the roof there are sculpture of parrot pecking at the flowers. There are pillars in the mandapam which have the sculpture of Lord Vishnu’s incarnations and various forms Lord Siva.

A small miniature erotic panels is also visible in the mandapa. Inside, On the west side wall of the mandapam, an inscription is found which indicates that the Vazhipokkar Mandapam was built in 1777 A.D. By ‘’ Thithar Chetty”and Mookkar Chetty. This is being preserved as a historic monument in the TamilNadu Archaeology Department.