Courtalam Site Museum - Tirunelveli

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Visiting Hours

: 10.00 a.m to 5.00 p.m.


: Friday


: Thiru K.Sakthivel, Curator


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Courtallam is one of the important tourist spots situated in Tirunelveli district. The place is known for the magnificent waterfalls, which also has some medicinal values. In olden days it was under the control of the Pandya kingdom. Even the imperial Cholas and the Pandyas of Tenkasi line had their sway in this region. The Siva temple at Courtallam of 8th century CE was adorned with hymns of Saiva saint Tirugnanasambandar. The beautiful paintings at Chitrasabha are archaeologically important. The 18th century CE ballet “Kutralla Kuravanji” on Kutrallanathar, the presiding deity, describes the tribal life and their activities. Hence, site museum at Courtallam was established in the year 1982, to exhibit the tribal art & culture of huntersMicrolithic tools,

Antiquities on Display

Neolithic tools, Megalithic black and red burial potteries, iron implements, sculptures, terracotta figurines, wood fossils

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