Inscriptions in Tamil Script

Tamil Brahmi script was prevalent in Tamil Nadu from 3 rd century BCE onwards and continued with variations upto 4th century of Common Era. During this time, the practice of writing Sanskrit letters in Tamil Nadu, commonly known as Grantha script was popularised by the Pallavas. This continued for nearly two centuries i.e. from 4 th – 6 th century. The Tamil script evolved from the Grantha script around 7 th century CE.

Inscriptions in the Tamil script are found from the beginning of the seventh century CE. Inscriptions in this script are found only in the northern portion of Tamil Nadu upto the beginning of the eleventh century CE. In the extreme south i.e. the Pandya country, Vattezhuthu was in use. But with the occupation of the Pandya country by the Cholas after conquest in the closing years of the tenth century CE the Tamil script came to be used there also. Thereafter, it has been in use throughout Tamil Nadu.

Tamil Alphabets in Various Times

Bilingual (Tamil & Chinese) inscription in China dated Saka era 1203 (1281 CE) Mentions the erection of deity Thirukkaniccuramudaiyar by one Sambandapperumal for the well being of Chinese emperor Cekacaikan Parman

We have inscriptions in Tamil script in some parts of Karnataka State and Nellore District in the Andhra State. Occasionally , we find Tamil inscriptions even at Visakhapattinam of the Andhra State and at Puri in the Orissa State; it is also noticed overseas in countries like China, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Thailand.