Karungalakkudi kalvettu


This village lies in the Madurai to Trichi main road at 8 km distance from Melur. -On the western side of this village, there is a small hillock in which a natural cave is found. In this caves more than ten numbers of stone beds are ut. These beds were utilised by the Jain monks during the early period of Christian era. On the fore head of this cave one line Brahmi inscription is found.

It mentions the name of one village as Elaiur and the individual Arithan who cut this bed. By the side of this cave on a small rock a portrait figure of lain Tirthankara Is found. The inscription engraved below this figure reveals at this figure was made by Acchananthi. This can be assigned to 10th century A.D. On the terrace of the hill some prehistoric paintings are also covered in recent times.