Palanganaththam and ancient settlement lies Just 2 km south of Madurai on. Thirupparankunram Road, In this place an ancient mound is situated named by the locals as Kovalanpottal. But still this mound is utilized as burial and by a certain community people dwelling in Pazhanganaththam.

During 1980 Archeological excavation was conducted by the state department of Archeology this mound.

Only two trenches were cut and from them burial urns with human bones were collected. Bones collected from a particular urn was studied and known-that it was of a middle aged man who lived 1800 years ago. In addition to these two burrial urns one copper coin of Sangam age, One copper bangle, microlithic tools, Ethic tools and inscribed potshards were also unearthed intheexcavation.


This face is believed as where kovalan the Hero of Silapathikaram epic was slained and hence the name kovalan Pottal, is in vogue. However, this mound is still being utilized as a burial ground. since Sangam period.