Mangudi is situated in Sankarankoil Taluk of Tirunelveli District. The author of Maduraikanchi i.e. Mangudi Marudanar was supposed to have hailed from this place. Roman pottery pieces were already collected in surface explorations conducted in this village. So with a view to bringing out the history of this place, excavation was conducted in the year 2001-2002 by the Department of Archaeology. 10 trenches were laid bare at the site called Naicker-Punchai.


This excavation has brought to light two cultural periods

  • 1. Microlithic Period
  • 2. Early historic Period




The significant find from this site is a black and red ware piece containing Tamil Brahmi inscription. The inscription has been deciphered as " Kurummangala Athan yi Yanai Po". This belongs to the Sangam period (2nd century BCE).