Pre-Historic Site Museum - Tiruvallur

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Visiting Hours

: 10.00 a.m to 5.00 p.m


: Friday


:Thiru S.Sreekumar, Curator- I/C


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The chain of discoveries had started off when Sir Robert Bruce Foote accidentally discovered stone tool at Pallavaram in the year 1863 CE, followed by the discovery of many number of artefacts in and around Poondi near Chennai. This tremendous discovery in the field of Pre -historic archaeology pushed back the antiquity of man in Tamil Nadu to more than half a million years ago and placed this region on the world map of pre historic culture.Interestingly the Poondi reservoir, from where Chennai derives its water, turns out to be significantly important for archaeologists and geologists around the world .The Gudiyum cave the first of its kind in India, discovered by geologist Sir Robert Bruce Foote exists near Poondi in Tiruvallur taluk of Tiruvallur district, and reaching there takes some adventurous paths into the silent forests, which can actually turn out to be a nice expedition for trekkers and even nature lovers.

The Department of Archaeology, Government of Tamil nadu has its museum exclusively for the exhibits of the pre-historic artefacts found in around Poondi and in other parts of Tamil Nadu. This Museum was established in the year 1985.

Poondi is situated at 13 km from Tiruvellore Railway Station, in Tiruvellore District.

Antiquities on Display

Palaeolithic implements, Neolithic Celts, Sarcophagus (small and big), Megalithic Storage pots & cups, Fossilised Snail and wood, three legged Urn, Iron Spade & Axe, and Terracotta pipes (Tuyeres) for iron smelting.

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