Rajendra Chola Site Museum - Ariyalur

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: 10.00 A.M. to 05.00 P.M.


: Friday


: Thiru M.Prabhakaran, Curator- I/C


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The illustrious cholas were the great rulers in Tamilnadu during medieval period. Vijayalaya (846- 871CE) the first ruler of this dynasty had established a strong kingdom by conquering over Mutharayas who were the rulers of a considerale part of the Pallava country. He created a capital city at Thanjavur. In his line the great chola king Rajaraja I (985-1014 CE) ruled from this place and extended his territory upto Thungabhadra on the north and Ceylon on the south, the Arabian Sea on the west and the Bay of Bengal on the east. His son Rajendra chola (1012-1044 CE) had established a new capital called Gangaikondacholapuram named after his expedition to Gangetic plain and took the title Gangaikondan. He also built a temple at Gangaikondacholapuram as a counterpart of the Big temple built by his respectable father Rajaraja I at Thanjavur. He had also dug a very big lake west of his capital and named it as Cholagangam.

This lake was considered as Jalasthambam to signify his victorious march upto the Ganges. The detailed description of the palace and other parts of the city are mentioned in the epigraphs of Rajendra’s successors. The inscription of Virarajendra, (third son of Rajendra I) mention the palace as Chola Keralan Thirumaligai, named evidentaly after one of the sons of Rajendra I. The same inscription mention a few parts of the palace as adibhumi , the ground floor or the old building, Kilaisopana or the eastern portico and a royal seat, Mavali Vanadhirajan. Evidently the palace might have been a multi-storeyed building. The excavation carried out at Maligaimedu, near Ulkottai, the place covered by sand near Gangaikondacholapuram has brought to light the hidden structures of a metropolis having its usual other parts such as fort wall, moat, a lake for irrigation and drinking purpose, streets etc., This city might have played a very important role even after Rajendra

Antiquities on Display

Roof tiles, Chinese potteries, Iron clamps, Iron Nails, Bangle pieces, Glass pieces, Decorated stone medallions, War weapons, Stone Sculptures, Coins, Coin moulds, Bricks and Palm leaf manuscripts and Antiquities collected from exploration and excavation conducted at Maligaimedu site, near Gangaikondacholapuram.

The Museum is located at 45 km from Chidambaram and this site museum was formed in the year 1980.

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