Sembiankandiyur, situated on the river bank of Vikrama nadi (Tributary of River Cauvery) is at 15 Km from Mayavaram in Myiladuthurai Taluk, Nagappatinam District. Excavation at this hamlet was conducted in the year 2007-2008.


Excavation yielded Megalithic (Iron Age) appendages like Black and Red ware sherds, Black ware sherds and Red slipped ware sherds. Thirteen graffiti marks were observed in the pottery collection from excavation trenches laid at Sembiankandiyur. Pots (small to big) lids and plates were the common shapes encountered in this excavation. Terracotta hip-hops and stone hip-hops were also recovered from the trenches. Besides this, the occurrences of eight Urns laid in a row were also exposed during excavation.


On the basis of rich yield of Megalithic antiquities, it is ascertained that Sembiankandiyur was inhabited during 1st Century BCE (Megalithic-Iron Age).