Srirangam, on bank of river Cauvery located at 12 km from Trichy. The excavations in the year 2013-14 and 2014-15 were conducted in the premises of Srirangam Temple.


This temple is considered the most important among the 108 Vaishnavite pilgrim centres. The temple is found to be built in stages at various periods by the ancient rulers of Chola, Pandiya, Vijayanagara and Nayakar. The aim of the excavation is to expose the adhistana portion and the unique sculpture of the Thousand pillared Mandapam.


The excavation yielded sculptural panel of the adhistana where human statue with ankusa like weapon is in standing position at the back of an elephant. This panel depicts the act of controlling the elephant. The Kanta part is depicted with dancing sculptures and royal patrons.

In the second season 2014-15 the work was carried out in the Namperumal Tirumamani Mandapa which is  in the shape of chariot with the pulling horses. The chariot design and the horses are attached with the adhistana portion. The lower part of the well moulded adhistana was covered with the modern cement flooring. Due to the upraised platform the original workmanship of adhistana was covered upto the Mahapadma. After removing the modern cement flooring, a beautiful wheel of chariot with horse sculptures was exposed.