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தியாகதுர்க்கம் கோட்டை

வரலாற்றுச் செய்திகள்

Thyagadurgam is situated 12km.East of Kallakuruchi in Villupuram district.It is located in between Ulundurpet and Salem. In this village there is ahill of 800ft.high.The hill was called as Arunidai Thiyagan and later, the village also called the same name. This place is named fort which resambles like garison.

Towards south side of the hill on the top of this Thiyagadurgam we come across a stone enclosure wall like fort. The fort was constructed in 17th century.A.D. There are steps to reach the fort. There are many parts in the fort.Cow shed, Treasury, Jewel Store room, Raman Parai Fort room, Canon,brick rooms etc are seen. One place called Samiyar house, where Subramanyar hill, Amman temple one tank, one wall are situated on the top of the hill.

Teh fort has military importance during in 18th century A.D.In 1756 A.D.French, in 1760, Hyder Ali and in 1761 English ruled thyagadurgam. In 1781 A.D.english declare war against Hyder Ali.

Later Thippu Sultan waged war against English. Though they were victory and defeat on either side some time but lastly in 1801 A.D.english captured the fort. In the temple of Malaiamman at Thiyagadurga. We find some Jaina remains. On the foot of thehill of Thiyagadurgam towards south we come across Munisarar temple, Malayamman temple, Jain temple during this century. The inner portion of Jainapalli re constructed with stones and its outer walls it has been converted has Malayamman temple. In the cave the stone statues of Mahaveerar, Ambika Yakshi are seen which belongs to 8th century A.D.