Thadagapureeswarar Koil - Madam - Temple


There is an Ancient Siva Temple. It is called Thadagapuriswara temple. Thadagam means water tank. According to legend a certain king ruled this place, dig a tank and a Sivalinga appeared. Then he installed in the temple. That was called Thadagapuriswara Temple.

Kulottunga Chola inscription is the oldest in the temple. So kulottunga might have been built this temple. Kampavarman inscription which is located at Sarukkumparai refers kulattur assembly and protection of a lake. This is not connected to the temple.

Kulottunga Chola I his 38 reginal year inscription mentions, two persons while hunting on horse back, one of them airmed an arrow at a deer running between them which missing the animal and killed the man. So the assembly of Periyanattar (Vannigar Saba) advised the accused to donate sheep for burning three

quarters of lamp in the temple. Also four other inscription like this can be seen in the temple. Quarters of lamp 24 sheep half a lamp 48 sheep three quarters of lamp 72 sheep a lamp 96 sheep are measured.

In 1381 Uttamanambi of Tirupugalur agreed to make saptamatrica images and gifted for lands to worship. In 1363, kandar kuli Marayan built the outer Kalyanamandapa was constructed by a lady Kathaliyar in 1368 A.D.