The village Teriruveli is situated at 20 km east of Mudukulathur and 33 km west of Ramanathapuram town in Mudukulathur taluk of Ramanathapuram district.

In the excavation, coarse-red ware potteries, black ware, black and red ware, grey ware, Roman rouletted ware, russet coated ware and sherds with graffiti marks were unearthed in considerable quantity.

Fifty graffiti sherds were unearthed, among them two sherds were found with fish symbols. The noteworthy finding is a Northern Black Polished ware. Besides this, six inscribed sherds with Brahmi script were also unearthed from the trenches.

The inscribed sherds with Tamil Brahmi script bearing personal names such as Kotrran, Sattan are noteworthy. Antiquities like Hip-hops, terracotta spout, terracotta ring stand, iron pieces,

terracotta lamps, shell bangles, sawed conches, frying pan and carnelian beads belonging to the Sangam period were also unearthed.