Tombs of Ceylon Kings


From vellore bus terminus towards old Katbadi road 2 km. away Thottapalayam is situated. Now this palce is called as Arugantham poondi. In this place Seven tombs of the King Kandi Nayak are seen within a area covering 40 Sq.Ft. Among them biggest one is of Kandi Venthan Sri Vikrama Raja Singan.

On this an inscription as Kandi Maharaja Sri Vikrama Raja Singa Maranam 1832”, is found. They belong to the 19th century A.D. The king of Srilanka Sri Veera Parakrama Narendra Simhan ruled Kandi in the belong of the 18th century A.D. Afterwards it was ruled by Nayak dynasty of Madurai.

Sri Vikram Raja Singa was the last ruler of Kandi. He ruled the country well. During his rule in the beginning it was peaceful, later he faced numerous wars. The Chief Queen and other two Queens belong to Madurai nayak dynasty. In the beginning knowing the peaceful administration of the king the English imperilisiam wanted to have distance with him.

Later they expect opportunity to declare war against him. Later they declare war against him with the reason that he seiged a bag of containing arecanuts from the merchant in the coastel area of Srilanka. But the King Vikram Raja Simha expected negociation with English. At last the king was impresent and his Chief Queen were kept under house arrest at Columbu.

Later the king and his Chief queen send to Tamilnadu and other relatives send to Tanjore.This incident accord in 1816 A.D. He let a peaceful life at Vellore and died on 30th January, Monday 1832. On two tombs an inscriptions is engraved in Tamil script as "Sri Vikrama Singarin Kolluperan Sri Vikrama Singa Raja enbathum Aavarathu Manaivi, Rajalakshmi".