Vazhipokkar Mandapam


Papanam village is located at 7km North -East of kariyapatti Village of Virudhunagar District The Siva temple of later Pandya period is found in a dilapidated condition. Except adhistanam portion of karuvarai no sculptures and inscriptions are found. Based on the architecture the dilapidated temple may be datable to 13-14 Century CE.

Near this temple a Vazhipokkar mandapam (Chathiram) is noticed. It is built with granite stone and depicts beautiful sculpture like yali of Nayakka style. portion is constructed with granite Pavukkal. Beautiful Kodunkai portion is noticed. In the are in worship at kallumadai and Tirusuli

it is believed that highway connecting Kariyapatti should be rear side of the mandapa a large kitchen and rest room is found constructed. Close to this mandapa ancient well is located. Locally this well is known as Pandyan Kinaru.


It is ascertained that this mandapa was built for the strangers who used high ways (Peruvazhi) existed on the kariyapatti –Papanam route. Since Siva temple enroute to Papanam.