Alambarai Fort


Alamparai is situated in the Madurantakam taluk of Kanchipuram District. It is situated 2 Kms east of Kadapakkam which is at a distance of 75Kms. From Chennai. The fort here is called as ‘Alamparai Fort’. This fort is situated on the shores of Bay of Bengal.

This fort is said to have built by the Muslim kings at the end of the 17th Century A.D, and was under the control of Nawab Dost Alikhan in 1735 A.D. This fort was gifted to a French Governor Dupleix by Thakkana Subedar Musaffar –Jung in 1750 A.D. for the help rendered by him. This fort was captured and demolished by Sir Thomas Eyre coote the then British Commandar in 1760 A.D. Today only the ruins are found .

The vast fort has been built with bricks. Due to invasions and sea erosion only the remains of teh walls are found today.


There are staincases on both sides of the entrance and the interior of teh fort is filled with the sand. In short the village of Alambarai played the role of a sea port as well as a fort in this region. Still this sea port in unknown to the majority of the people of Tamilnadu.