Jagadevi Fort - Jagadevipalayam - Fort


Jayadevi lies 15 km South east of Krishnagiri. Krishnagiri. Taluk Dharmapuri District. In is situated in Krishnagiri-Thiruvanamalai road.This village name derives from the vivjayanagara king Jagadevarayar,the chief of penukonda,and it is said to have been the capital of the “twelve mahals”called as “Bara mahal” formely it stretched round the footof hill covering a large area south of the Krishnagiri-Thiruvanamalai road.

The hill which dominates the villages rises in two peaks. The western peak is called devalapadi and the eastern peak jagadevidurgam. The main fort is perhapsss be finest in the baramahal. Now the fortification walls are highly damaged. The local quarry owers cutting the rock on the hills


Jagadevarayar-I migrated from Hyderabad to Penukonda. He performed which feats of velour against the army of Bijapur that Ranga Raya-II the representative of the vijayanagar dynastry at Chandragiri, to whom Jagadevarayas was related granted him the territory now known as the daramahal

In 1589 AD his son Jagadeva Raya II defended Penukonda against the Golkonda army and received the Jagir of Chennapatnam as his reward. After that he transferred his capital from Jagadevi to Chennapattnam

This Bara Mahal Kingdom was preserved infact by one Kumara Immadin Gadevaraya the great grandson of the orrriginal founder of the family but rapid conquest of Chamaraja of Mysore were total to the fortunes of the Jagadevarayas. There is a generation that for two generation Rayakotta was the capital of Jagadevarayas family.And that in the 3rd generation thecapital be movedtoits original location via Jagadevri.