Karunguzhi Kottai - Fort


This fort is situated in Kancheepuram district at a distance of 60 Kms from Chennai and it was built on the bank of Kiliyaru in the 17th Century A.D. by the Mohammeddans. Built in black granite, the fort is surrounded by Rampart wall. These small forts were used as a go down to store grains collected as tax from the small (Jamindars). In 1750 A.D. this fort was under the control of the French and later in 1759 A.D.when the British commander Sir Thomas Eyre Coote captured the wandiwash fort, the British captured the Karunguzhi fort. In 1780 A.D. Hyder ali invaded this fort and again in 1781 A.D. Sir Eyre Coote with the commander Davis captured the fort with the help of 1000 Soldiers.

A Reference by Armi indicates that this fort was built by black granite with lofty walls, on all the four sides covering an area of 1500 metres... The commander of this fort was an irish colnal Or nalli. In the year 1782 A.D, it was demolished under the order of the then Madras Governor Lord Makkatni. The present fort is in ruines in an area spread across 15 acres.