Tirumoolanathar Temple - Perangiyur -Temple


This Temple is facing east belong to Paranthaka period. In the inscription ‘Perangiyur’ mentioned as ‘Perankoor. Perangiyur was the ‘Brahma Deya land in tirumuraipadi Nadu. The Temple is called ‘Mulasthanamudayar’ or ‘tirumulasthanmudaya Mahadevar’. There are number of inscription of the king Paranthaka Chola to look under administration of the temple. ‘Sri Rutragana Perumakkal’ are appointed during the period of Rajaraja I. In the beginning there was only sanctum sanctorum and Arthamandapa in the temple.

Mukamandapa was the laterdevelopment. From Adhistanam, to kapothagam they used granite stones, later Vimana portion were constructed with brick and mortar. On the western side of the sanctum was seen a mark of measuring rod. This is 365 c.m. long. During the Chola period this type of measuring rod was in use.