Copying Inscriptions

Epigraphy is the study of inscriptions on Rocks, Pillars, Temple walls, Copper plates and other writing-materials like Stones, Metals, Potteries, Woods, Palm leaves, Clothes, Conch shells, Mural paintings and Coins. It is one of the most fascinating and instructive studies. It deals with the art of writing, which distinguishes man from animals and provides us with an instrument for conservation and transmission of historical traditions from generation to generation.Inscriptions are the main source for reconstructing the history and culture of ancient civilizations. It serves as primary documentary evidence to establish legal, socio-cultural, literary, archaeological, and historical antiquity on the basis of engravings.

The inscriptions are deciphered, edited and published. So far, about 24,771 inscriptions are copied and their estampages (ink impression) are preserved.