Ovamalai kalvettu


Mankulam village lies between Madural and Melur at a distance of 25 km. one can reach this place from, Madurai by Bus. On the northern border of this village there is a small hill. At the terrace of this hill there are some natural caverns in which stone beds are cut for the use of Jain Monks on the brow of these caves five brahmi inscriptions are engraved.

All these inscriptions are signed to 3th century BC and these are the earliest. among the Brahmi inscriptions discovered so far in Tamilnadu.

Nedunchezhiyan, the name of Sangam period pandya king is mentioned is one of these inscriptions. The other epithets like Valutht, Kadaian, Panan are o found engraved here. A merchantile guild from Vellarat village is also mentioned. This Vellavari village is now corrupted as Vellarippatti lies very near. Mankulam village.

Some Prakrit words are also found in these inscriptions. once these are the earliest inscriptions found in Tamil Nadu, they attract the mention of scholars and students.