Parikulam is located at 4 Km from Poondi reservoir, Tiruvallur Taluk in Tiruvallur District. The exploration in and around this village yielded good number of Palaeolithic tools and wood fossil from Mettupalayam, a nearby village. Based on this, a systematic excavation was conducted here in the year 2005-2006.


Excavation at Parikulam has revealed four stratigraphical layers and yielded various types of tools, which exposed all three Palaeolithic periods such as Lower, Middle and Upper Palaeolithic cultures. The unearthed tools include Hand Axes, Hammers, Cleavers, Scrappers, Discoids, Lunates, Blades and Borers. On account of rich yield of variety of tools from a single site, it can be ascertained that Parikulam might have been a factor