Chera Site Museum - Karur

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: 10.00 a.m to 5.00 p.m


: Friday


:Thiru S.Selvakumar, Curator


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Karur is mentioned in literatures and inscriptions as Vanchi and Karuvur. The early sangam works Purananauru , Ahananuru , Kurunthogai , Narrinai and Pathirrupathu refer to Karur and Chera kings. The Pugalur Tamil Brahmi inscription mentions three generations of Chera rulers Ko Athan chellirumporai , his son Perunkkadungo and his son Elangkadungo . Also, it refers the gift of a Pali (monastery) to the Jaina ascetic Chenkayappan of Attur. Both Pugalur and Attur are very near to Karur.This department had conducted excavation in three seasons in 1973, 1977- 78, & 1993 respectively. These excavations yielded a number of antiquities, which include Roman coins, precious stones, rouletted wares, Amphorae pieces, Black and Red pottery, Bricks and Iron pieces. The remains of brick structure were found.

The artefacts, belonging to 1st century BCE to 19th century CE, are displayed in this museum. The inscribed Gold and silver rings found at Amaravathi river bed, punch marked coins of 5th century BCE are other important finds.

Antiquities on Display

Antiquities collected from exploration as well as excavation are on display. Hero stone sculptures, Roman coin, Sangam Age Chera, Chola and Pandya coins, Pallava coin, Later Pandya coin, Raja Raja-I coin, Nayak coin, Palm leaf manuscripts, Beads, Copper plates and Terracotta models.Karur, on the bank of river Amaravathi, is located at 78 km from Tiruchirappalli. This early historic site Museum was established in the year 1982, with a view to bring out the archaeological potentialities found in and around Karur.

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