Ramalinga Vilasam Site Museum - Ramanathapuram

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Visiting Hours

: 10.00 a.m to 5.00 p.m.


: Friday


: Thiru B.Asaithambi, Curator- I/C


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This palace was built during the reign of Kizhavan Sethupathi (1674-1710 CE) the most popular among the Sethupathi Kings. The palace building consists of a Darbar hall and an ostentatious dwelling area. The murals found in this building representing the life style of the Sethupathi kings, scenes depicting their battles with the Maratha kings of Thanjavur and their European contacts are quite exquisite. Ramanathapuram is situated at 55 km from Rameswaram, in Ramanathapuram District. The archaeological museum of this department has been functioning in the Ramalingavilasam Palace which belongs to Sethupathy of Ramnad.

Antiquities on Display

Iron spear, Sword, Dagger, Gun, and Valari (Boomerang) and antiquities collected from Alagankulam excavations.Besides antiquities, beautiful paintings depicting royal warfare, gods and goddess, scenes from epic Ramayana particularly the birth of Rama (Balakandam), with description in colloquial language, Bhagavatham, water sports and erotic scenes found on the ceiling and walls of this Palace are archaeologically significant.

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