Sivapuram is one of the important ancient city and was called as Nagaram Sivapuram, as it was inhabitated by people of trade community. It is to be mentioned that village Uragadam is closely associated with Sivapuram. The Siva temple, made of granite stones at Uragadam, was built by Raja Raja I (985-1014 A.D.) and was called as Raja Rajeswaramudayar Mahadevar temple. Since, Uragadam and Sivapuram looked like twin villages despite they were separate villages, the shiva temple was often called as Uragadathu Rajarajeswarm well as Sivapurathu Raja Rajeswaram.

It is known through inscriptional reference that numerous donation were made to this temple during Rajendra Chola (1014-1048 A.D.) Inscriptions also refer that lands were irrigated by the supply of water from Chitrayar Buderi through canal. Sivapuram Raja Rajeswara Mudayar Kovil and its artistic sculptures stands as monumental work of Chola art and architecture.