Tiruvadavur kalvettu


Tiruvathavur is the birth place of Manickavasagar, a minister turned Saiva paint during 9th century A. D. Truvasakam, sweet divine hymns was sung by Manickavasagar. This village lies at the 30 km distance from Madurai.

One can reach this place by city buses from Madural via Oththakkadai and mokur. On the western side of this village there is a small hillock in which caves and beds are noticed.

On the brow of this Jain cave two Brahma inscriptions are engraved and they are datable to 1st century B.C.

These inscriptions mention the names and place of the individuals who caused to cut these beds. Some prakrit words are also used in these inscriptions. On the celling of the cavern some rock paintings on white ochre are also shown.