GOVERNMENT OF TAMIL NADUGovernment Oriental Manuscripts Library, CHENNAI


Rules and Regulations for utilizing the manuscripts

1. Visitors who desire to use the library between 10.00 A.M. to 5.30 P.M. They shall enter their name and address legibly in the library Register.

2. Visitors should not write upon or damage or make any mark on any manuscript / Reference book belonging to the library. 3. No. tracing or mechanical reproduction shall be made without permission of the Curator. 4. Silence should be strictly observed in the library at all time. 5. Readers shall be responsible for any damage done to the Manuscripts, Reference books or other property belonging to the library and shall be required to replace reference book or other property damaged or pay the said value in cash thereof.

6) To obtain the permission for copying and consulting the manuscripts of this library one requisition letter which consists of the declaration should be given in the following format :-